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No Code X uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to deliver data to both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) end users. This innovative approach makes the usage panel entirely unique. Additionally, No Code X combines visual analysis and data analysis building blocks with artificial intelligence to unveil previously undiscovered visuals. With these features, No Code X provides an unparalleled and distinctive infrastructure solution.

As a reminder, our main competition lies in what you can’t imagine.

Instant Smart Solutions With No Code X

Visual Analysis

No Code X's, visual analytics layer provides a simple and intuitive way explore and analyze data. Read more

Cooperation Tools

No Code X, includes tools that enable them to easily collaborate on your ...projects with others. This helps you achieve faster and more efficient results. Read more

Create Special Spaces

Create customized solutions with No Code X. Solve your data needs in a single environment

Data Enrichment

No Code X, enriching simple data to give you more successful results.

Data Preparation

No Code X, presents the analyzed data to you in the most accurate way ...and avoids wasting time. Read more

Cleaning Complex Areas

No Code X, allows even users who are not data science experts to clean ...and analyze complex data. Read more

Fast & Effective

Powerful Digitalization With Every Tap

Boost your team’s productivity with No Code X, the assistant that streamlines your daily workflow and securely make your data ready with just a few taps

Join No Code X and get all your needs in one app.



( Q2 2023 ) - Stage 1: We Have More Family Members !

  • Data Analyst (3 Person)
  • Panel Moderator (14 Person)
  • Blockchain Developer (2 Senior, 3 Middle/Person)
  • Artificial Intelligence Testnet Developer (4 Person)
  • Product Manager (1 Person)

( Q3 2023 / Q2 2024 ) - Stage 2: No Code X Pro Version 1.0 Live

  • Command all your jobs in the panel with AI live chat.
  • Manage all your third-party wallets under a single integration (Metamask, CoinWallet, . . )
  • Be one with your pro screen that you can costumize.
  • Create NFT or NFT collection with a single command with erc-721 and erc-1155 contracts with all images created with artificial intelligence.

( Q3 2024 ) - Stage 3: We Are Adding Features to Our Pro Version.

  • Special usage panel for game companies
  • Creating all in-game assets with artificial intelligence
  • Converting in-game generated assets to NFT
  • Ability to trade in-game generated assets between users
  • Leasing of all created assets to another user
  • We open the live data of web3-oriented assets in the gaming industry to our pro version users.

Collab / Partner

Paul H.

Project Manager

Robert S.

Data Scientists

Maggy F.

Software Engineers

Alex D.

UX/UI Designers

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